Knit Along: Angora Lace Scarf From Lion Brand Studio - Day 1 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Angora Lace Scarf from Lion Brand Studio - Day 1

Love at first row...

Some patterns you know you’ll love after the first four rows.  This Angora Lace Scarf from Lion Brand Studio is one of them.  Granted, some of that affection may have to do with the totally pet-worthy texture of this yarn.  Just touching it makes me happy, and the periwinkle color makes me smile.  I’m at the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference this weekend, and if you see some six foot woman grinning foolishly from the back of any of the educational sessions, it’s probably me.  
Knit Along: Angora Lace Scarf from Lion Brand Studio - Day 1 4
Like my experience in hospitals, some of these conference scenarios can make you jumpy, and knitting something as soothing as this LB Collection Angora Merino is just the antidote.  Soft and fuzzy in a lush color.  I sigh just thinking about it.  Simply put: I learn better if I’m knitting.  Most of my colleagues already know this about me, and they ignore my knitting as just “that thing Allie does.”  It’s wonderful to be known and loved.
The five-row repeat is a perfect balance between interesting and taxing--just right for conference knitting.  After 25 inches of leg-warmer stockinette, I’m happy for the diversion.  Knitting’s diversity is one of its greatest gifts, and why it will continue to be a life-long passion for me. Will this pattern get tiresome after a foot or two?  Only time will tell, but a professional conference is the perfect place to keep at it. I’m done all my teaching for the event, and now I get to sit back, listen, and learn, so I should make a good dent in the scarf before the weekend is through.  Add a good cup of coffee, the fellowship of friends and colleagues, and life looks just about perfect.

The fact that I got to re-visit all the stores from my past St. Louis episode?  Well that was just icing on the cake.
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