Knit Along: Angora Lace Scarf From Lion Brand Studio - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Angora Lace Scarf from Lion Brand Studio - Day 3

Ever been hit with a virus?
Sometimes, low tech is the best antidote for high tech.  That truth asserted itself over the weekend when viruses struck DestiKNITions headquarters.  Humans and computers alike in our house have spent the week under the weather.   This means “I.T. Mom” spent a lot of time: 
1) on the couch watching Castle episodes accompanied by Dayquil and tissues and 
2) on hold with tech support while her computer network card twitched and died.
My favorite companion during most of those long hours?  My knitting.  With the sorry exception of one afternoon where I felt just too plain sick to knit.  Man, you know I’m sick if I’m too sick to knit.
Knit Along: Angora Lace Scarf from Lion Brand Studio - Day 3 4
Hi-tech or low-point?
Technology can be wonderful, but it can’t seem to comfort us like the creative process can.  Sure, I love that my on-demand cable let me catch up on hours of Castle episodes thereby hooking me into a series I’ve managed to avoid until now.  And heaven knows I’m never more than three feet from my Blackberry.  In this set of battles, the humans fared a lot better than their cyber counterparts, and it became clear that while I would recover, the family computer would not.  Has not.  Might not ever.  And as I babysat the multi-hour anti-cybervirus attempts, I loved having my knitting to bring me much needed calm.  
Wouldn’t any distraction have worked?
I don’t think so.  TV would have just been additional noise and distraction, music might have worked but I’d still be stuck staring at a dull screen.  Chocolate?  Let's not even go there.  My knitting occupied my brain, my eyes, and my fingers.  It gave me a feeling of both occupation and progress.  
I spent three hours trying to restore the computer with valiant tech support folks on the phone but could not achieve my goal.  I did, however, achieve progress on my scarf.
It doesn’t completely balance out, but it comes close enough to get me through the day.  I’ll live to reboot another day.  Really, what more can you ask of a craft?
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