Knit Along: Arched Gusset Sock From FiberWild - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Arched Gusset Sock from FiberWild - Day 3

Gusseting up for the tricky part…

Knit Along:  Arched Gusset Sock from FiberWild - Day 3 1
Now it’s getting tricky.  Not too much, though.  A few yarn-overs, couple of k2tog and such, with a handful of cables just to make me feel accomplished.  I did have some trouble figuring out how to yarn-over after a purl stitch–the yarn seems to be on the wrong side of the needles to set that one up.  A quick google search brought up a video tutorial that confirmed my hunch–you just wrap around a bit farther to get the yarn where it needs to be.

Knit Along:  Arched Gusset Sock from FiberWild - Day 3 2
The thing I’ve always loved about toe-up socks is that you can try them on as you go.  Yes, it’s like wrangling a porcupine up your ankle if you’re on dpn’s, but with two circulars the socks slips on quite nicely.  Don’t forget that the final row of this gusset has some alterations–you can’t just stuff the gusset pattern in your knitting bag (the full pattern is several pages long and I always copy only the page I need to put in my bag) and be done with it.  Make a note to yourself that the final row has some details that don’t show up in the pattern chart.  My favorite bags?  Namaste’s Oh Snap bags.  
They came out nicely.  I feel quite confident at the moment.  The next step it to turn the heel, and I’ve done that enough times that the prospect doesn’t frighten me.  The patterns up the ankle?  Well, that’s another story.

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