Knit Along: Barb’s Koigu Ruffle Scarf From Knitty City - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Barb’s Koigu Ruffle Scarf from Knitty City - Day 4

Fiber amnesia...

You forget so easily.
Knit Along: Barb’s Koigu Ruffle Scarf from Knitty City - Day 4 4
You’re chugging along at 120-some-odd stitches, thinking what a lovely little project this is, and suddenly stitches are reproducing like rabbits.  Before you know it, you’re back at a numbing 648 stitches and rows take 30 minutes.  Suddenly it’s not so fun.  You think, “thank goodness there’s no picot bind-off, I might faint.”  You stare at the ripples and inform them they’d better look as cute as the first ones after you’ve gone to such trouble.  And, in my case, you stare at the all-too-tiny ball of yarn you have left and think you might not make it.  You have another ball of yarn at home but you want this baby finished now.
At which point your husband will surely groan and say, “Hon, you’re on VACATION.  Ease up a bit, will you?”  And give you a look that could be loosely translated to “get off that laptop before I rip it out of your hands.”
Bye for now--but don’t forget to comment so you can win!
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