Knit Along: Cabled Hand Mitts From Mass Ave Knit Shop - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Cabled Hand Mitts from Mass Ave Knit Shop - Day 3

While I admit it took a bit of concentration, once I got the rhythm down it wasn’t that hard to manage both mitts at the same time. Truly.  Since the cable takes place at the same place in the round of both mitts, it was simply making sure I knew where I was each round.  While it took me almost a whole week to work my way through the seven inches of cabling, I got it done without major incident.  Yes, I lost my place once or twice, somehow dropped a stitch somewhere in the fifth inch, but managed to track back and fix my errors in both incidences. I love the vibrant color, the yarn is thick and soft, and the weather is just starting to turn truly chilly here in Chicago.  Perfection.
Now, things get a bit trickier.  
Knit Along:  Cabled Hand Mitts from Mass Ave Knit Shop - Day 3 1
It’s sort of like one of those aerobics classes I so successfully avoid.  We’ve gotten the “feet” down, knowing our cable steps, so know we’re going to “add the arms.”  I’m not that coordinated.  This is where I mess up in dance routines–it had better not be where I mess up in mitts.  While I still continue on my lovely eight row cable pattern, I’m going to throw a thumb in there. In two different places. As a matter of fact, the way my stitches are divided on my circ, it will be on the “front” of one mitt and the “back” of another–see those white stitch markers (yes, I had to incorporate a third color!).  Which makes perfect sense when you look at it from a left- and right-hand perspective, but takes a bit of staring at just on knitting needles.  I did several of those “are you sure?” takes to my pattern, re-reading the instructions while gawking at my needles.
Yes, I’m sure.  My thumbs are right where they should be, opposable and all.  Onward!
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Linda B
Linda B
9 years ago

This looks very similar to a gauntlet pattern I have made twice now–except that I knit them one at a time! I love the color of yours.

Kimberly and Abby
Kimberly and Abby
9 years ago

Awesome, Allie! Go, you! Such a pretty color.

Camy Tang
Camy Tang
9 years ago

I'm working on mine, too, although I'm only doing them one at a time. Thanks for the correction to the pattern, BTW! These hand mitts are SO soft with the alpaca yarn!

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