Knit Along: Cabled Hand Mitts From Mass Ave Knit Shop - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Cabled Hand Mitts from Mass Ave Knit Shop - Day 4

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Oh, my, but it got tricky.  Not only was I keeping track of where I was in the cable pattern, but I had to make sure I was increasing the correct number of stitches for the thumbs.  Two at a time.  This was definitely a challenge to the brain cells.  
I read somewhere that such tasks keep our brains active and growing, decreasing the chances that we’ll end up confused old ladies with too many cats wandering the yarn aisles at discount superstores.  I hope that’s true. I want to end up the quirky-yet-elegant older woman sauntering down the fiber arts fair aisle waving to my adoring fans.  Yes, well, I do have an active imagination. 
Knit Along: Cabled Hand Mitts from Mass Ave Knit Shop - Day 4 4
All that mental sprinting wasn’t too long, thankfully.  Two inches at most, and they were those exciting, “almost to the end” two inches at that.  It was fun to watch the palm of the mitts take shape literally in my hands.  As much fun as turning a sock heel, without all those maddening short rows.  I was smiling as I hit the rounds requiring the K1P1 ribbing, grinning as I bound off.  I must admit to some worry about the bind off--I tend to bind off too tightly and that would ruin these--but it came out just fine.  
The cozy softness of the yarn continues to astound, as does the lush color.  These are going to be fall favorites--I suspect I’ll have to hide them from my college daughter when she comes home from thanksgiving.  I could see them equally yummy in a fuzzy white mohair, maybe even with a bit of sparkle to them.  You could go a dozen directions with these--elegant, funky, cozy, dramatic--and they would all work.  That’s the mark of a good pattern.
All I’ve got left now is the ribbing around the thumbs.  I can’t wait to see them finished!
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Linda B
Linda B
13 years ago

It's easy to imagine a pair to go with all your winter outfits, isn't it? I've got a pair from black cashmere and another from green superwash. Haven't decided what the next color should be . . .

Camy Tang
Camy Tang
13 years ago

I'm right at the ribbing on the left side! Mine is pale pink tweed alpaca, and it's so soft and cushy and it's PINK!

Kimberly and Abby
Kimberly and Abby
13 years ago

Look at that – another knitting challenge conquered! Very pretty. I like the cables down the backs.

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