Knit Along: Carlina Cowl From Arcadia Knitting - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Carlina Cowl from Arcadia Knitting - Day 3

So I imagine you’re wondering…

I sort of disappeared after my last post. Did I throw myself onto a double-pointed needle in my cable-wracked despair? No. I grunted and groaned and said things of a most unpleasant nature whilst ripping out row after row, but my disappearance has can be described in three letters: FLU.

Not the ghastly swine kind, just your regular garden variety nasty kind. Only now, five days later, am I approaching anything that can be described as a salient human. And, without sufficient coffee (and DayQuil), even that’s been called into question.

I did, however, in the scant sliver of time in between my last post and the onset of germ warfare, manage to get the cable thing right. Knit Along:  Carlina Cowl from Arcadia Knitting - Day 3 1Ha! Take that! I sit smugly, tissues in hand, admiring my handiwork. Contrary to my earlier fears, it’s looking rather spiffy in the dark wool. I’m going to like this one when it’s done. At the moment, with my throat all scratched up from incessant coughing, it’s looking rather comforting. But I am being careful–cable patterns and flu medicine do not mix nicely. No one in my house wants to live through another ripping out incident.

On to happier things. Thanks to the many of you who posted for the first-ever DestiKNITions give-away. And (drumroll, please) the winner is: SIERRA D. !

Knit Along:  Carlina Cowl from Arcadia Knitting - Day 3 2Please email me at with your snail mail address and these lovely needles will be on their way to you as soon as they let me out of the house without a respiratory mask!

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Sierra Donovan
Sierra Donovan
11 years ago

Allie, I’m so excited! I look forward to receiving the delectable chocolate-chip needles … methinks I’ll start a new knitting project to celebrate. Maybe it’s time to give a cable pattern a whirl!

Your Carlina Cowl project looks beautiful. I love the textures.

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