Knit Along: Comin’ Round The Mountain Socks From Hearthstone Knits - Almost Done But... | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Comin’ Round the Mountain Socks from Hearthstone Knits - Almost Done But...

The hard-toed truth
It has to be faced.  
The hard truth that I cannot finish two complete socks in a timeframe that won’t bore you to tears.  Well, at least not finish and have a life outside of my knitting bag.  
Knit Along: Comin’ Round the Mountain Socks from Hearthstone Knits - Almost Done But... 4
I really like these socks.  I’m proud of myself for mounting the challenge that it was to attempt them.  For adapting the pattern, for turning two heels simultaneously, and for doing my first-ever socks with a pattern that went beyond simple ribbing.  
But that doesn’t mean you all have to suffer.
I’m heading happily down the foot of these socks, cruising through the switch-back pattern on down to the toes.  I finally got smart (really wish I’d done this on the leg portion...duh!) and put some stitch markers on the yarn-over pattern to keep things in line.  Why is it I always feel like a sissy for using stitch markers on simple pattern?  I always pay for it when I don’t, so why try to get all over-confident instead of humbly smart?  I may never know.  Anyhow, I predict these are going to take me another five days.  But I don’t think you really want to hang around and watch.  And, unless I decide to launch another once-in-a-lifetime medical drama (NO!), I don’t think there will be much to write about until I bind off.  So I’m going to make you all a deal:  with the exception of a final photo when I’m done, this will be the last entry on the socks.  
Later this week we will travel to Indianapolis, where I met some wonderful people and ate some outstanding ice cream and cupcakes.  See? Isn’t that more exciting to read about than the final inches of socks, even if they are awesome socks?
OK, I’m going to go get in a few more rows before lunch.  Because they really are awesome socks.
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Kimberly and Abby
Kimberly and Abby
13 years ago

Repeat after me: "stitch markers are friends, not foe" adapted loosely from Finding Nemo.

I use them all the time and still make mistakes when crocheting.

Allie Pleiter
Allie Pleiter
13 years ago

You are absolutely right. And I had a reader give me some wonderful ones in Indianapolis recently so I can't even complain that I have plain ones!

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