Knit-Along: Curly Sheep Needlefeltling From Fancy Tiger - Day 1 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit-Along: Curly Sheep Needlefeltling from Fancy Tiger - Day 1

“Better than a poke with a sharp stick.”

This is the phrase that comes to mind as I contemplate my venture into needlefelting. I’m going to spend the next week poking something with a very sharp needle. Were I a bitter woman with an axe to grind, this might sound tremendously appealing. The sheep on the box is adorable, but I have grave doubts about my ability to recreate it’s fuzzy charm. My sheep might Be warned--while I’m crafty in the knitting department, my art skills leave a lot to be desired. I’ve botched more MOPS crafts than I care to admit...

Knit-Along: Curly Sheep Needlefeltling from Fancy Tiger - Day 1 6Since the kit tells me I’ll make two sheep, I’m hoping to make one of them a contest prize for my upcoming novella Bluegrass Easter, which has several sheep in the plot. However, it could be I will not end up with anything anybody wants to win. I’ll make the sheep one at a time--just like the directions say--so that perhaps my second sheep effort will benefit from the errors of my first.

Step one was to roll my grey roving into a ball. I think I can handle that. Basic first grade clay skills in this procedure. While it took me a few tries to get the roving to roll the way I wanted it (it’s tricky stuff), I was rather happy with the results.

Then, I got to poke my ball “over and over” to harden and condense it. And well, that was strangely satisfying. Knit-Along: Curly Sheep Needlefeltling from Fancy Tiger - Day 1 7My husband happened to have Steely Dan’s “Josie” on the stereo at the time, and the tempo was just right. I found myself smiling as I did this. And no, Band-Aids were not required. I have not yet inserted the very pointy needle into my very vital fingertips. As a writer about to head into a tight proposal deadline, damaged digits would put me at a considerable disadvantage (but yes, you can type with Band-Aids on, so there’s still some hope.

Next episode we start on the tricky business...the head and ears. Things could get ugly...literally. Stay tuned.

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Kimberly and Rufus
Kimberly and Rufus
14 years ago

Ah, I'm not the only craft-challenged person out there then. I feel better. can't wait to see your sheep. It will surely be better then my cotton-ball sheep from last Easter. :-)

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