Knit-Along: Elemental Changes Scarf From Aylin’s Woolgatherer - Day 2 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit-Along: Elemental Changes Scarf from Aylin’s Woolgatherer - Day 2

Do over…

After my disastrous beginning, I actually found the first section of this scarf to be quite entertaining. The fact that you are working three distinct patterns on each row is a bit tough to get your head around at first. I highly suggest that you do the first twenty rows on some practice yarn or just expect to frog it and start over. Like entrelac, it’s one of those things you can read ten times over and it just won’t make sense until you see it happen before your eyes. I can’t tell you how many times the words, “Oh, now I get it!” left my mouth on this section.

Knit-Along: Elemental Changes Scarf from Aylin’s Woolgatherer - Day 2 1And make no mistake, this pattern requires brainpower. This isn’t the kind of project I’d take to my local knitting night where we all sit around a chat and drink and eat spiffy deserts while we knit. I can’t be distracted while I’m working on this–which is good; it flexes a different kind of knitting muscle in me than something like socks or a baby hat I can practically knit from memory. I’d classify it as “challenging” rather than “daunting” or “pull your hair out and go get some chocolate.” I had toyed with the idea of doing two repeats of the pattern to make a slightly wider scarf, but couldn’t for the life of me calculate how many stitches I needed to cast on to make that happen. And, no, I refused to cave and call Aylin’s for help (even though I knew very well they would happily guide me). I reasoned with myself that it’s better to stick with the basics on a new project than to go off and get all cocky. No hot-dogging, kiddo. Mature of me, don’t you think?

I found it MUCH easier to use the chart directions on this, even though I’m used to lacework where every other row is purled, so it took me a while to realize that all I needed to do was follow the chart exactly as written. Right to left. Every row. I made myself a little cheat sheet with the basic pattern on the front and the two edging patterns on the back. That made for too much flipping of charts. For the next section, I’ll put everything on the front–basic in the middle with edges on respective sides.

I’m feeling secure, because the next section still uses the same three designs, just in a different order. So that tricky row from the third section I almost botched this time doesn’t stand a chance in the next section–I’m a veteran now.

Up next? Section “B”–stay tuned.

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