Knit Along: Elizabethan Collar From Kirkwood Knittery - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Elizabethan Collar from Kirkwood Knittery - Day 3

Quick change artist…
Knit Along:  Elizabethan Collar from Kirkwood Knittery - Day 3 1
Don’t you just love it when one row makes a drastic change in a pattern?  When the whole thing changes character right in front of your eyes?  

Drop stitch patterns are especially good at this.  Combine the thrill of intentionally ripping out stitches with the open spaces they create in your piece and you get the knitting equivalent of a quick change artist.  Now you add the jolt of switching to a smaller needle size, and this is a pretty amazing row.  Yes, it needs your full attention–this is not a row to attempt while watching a LOST episode–but the results are worth your focus.
That’s the thing I find most satisfying about knitting.  I make something out of nothing.  Elegance out of a ball of straight lines.  Lace from mere ribbing.  There’s nothing like it.
Knit Along:  Elizabethan Collar from Kirkwood Knittery - Day 3 2

I’m totally motivated to burn through the final tiny stitches, the victory lap of long rows, to finish off this piece.  And on a recent trip to Charleston, I returned to KNIT, a very cool shop that was featured in the first-ever destiKNITions episode, to buy just the right button for this collar.

If I showed it to you now, I’d spoil the fun.  You’re going to have to wait….
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Kimberly and Abby
Kimberly and Abby
9 years ago

We live 15 minutes from knit. Going there is our guilty pleasure. We can't afford much there, but we love to look, touch, and explore all the yarns there. Once in a while we splurge and buy yarn, though. 🙂

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