Knit-Along: Entrelac Scarf From A Tangled Skein - Final Day! | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit-Along: Entrelac Scarf from A Tangled Skein - Final Day!

This is addict behavior.

I suppose it’s my own fault for not checking my inventory carefully enough, but I thought I had size 19 needles–I didn’t realize they were only size 17.

Ahem…I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’m wrapping up the final few inches of my lovely entrelac scarf, feeling so proud of myself and envisioning all the compliments I’ll get once this masterpiece graces my neck. Knit-Along:  Entrelac Scarf from A Tangled Skein - Final Day! 1And you all have been so patient while I rant and rave and learn to knit backwards and all. I was ready to reward you tonight with the first few rows of our final DC project, the happy Mega Cable Scarf in such a cheerful turquoise. Such energy after I’ve doused you in earth tones for the last two projects.

I had such high hopes for our evening.

So at 8:30pm I went to my stash with a smile on my face, ready to do that wondrous, magical, hopeful task of casting on. Ready to fire up the camera to take a first photo for you to add to this finished photo of my entrelac scarf.

I wasn’t ready to pull out my needle supply and see that I did not, in fact, own size 19 needles as the pattern called for. They’re 17s. Can you feel the panic creeping up my spine? It’s 8:36…all the local craft stores close at 8 or 9pm (I googled their hours instantaneously). See my eyes dart back and forth and I am tempted to cheat and cast on my 17s. “I can knit loosely,” I coo to myself.

But I owe you better than that.

Knit-Along:  Entrelac Scarf from A Tangled Skein - Final Day! 2Tomorrow, without further delay, I will scamper to our local yarn store and buy those size 19 needles. I am crestfallen. I’m really, really bad at this delayed gratification stuff. I actually considered phoning a knitting neighbor and asking her if she can lend me a pair of 19’s for a few hours until I can get my own tomorrow–but I am too embarrassed to do it.

Because this really is addict behavior. I’m hopeless.

Knit-Along:  Entrelac Scarf from A Tangled Skein - Final Day! 3Here, to hold you over, is a photo from Marie’s own website.

If there’s anyone out there considering opening an all-night yarn shop, my guess is you’d have some pretty loyal customers.

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Kimberly and Rufus
Kimberly and Rufus
10 years ago

I love the way the colors show in your completed scarf. So pretty!

Susie Hayden
Susie Hayden
10 years ago

Thanks Dana for giving me credit for the sock cast on. I feel like I'm famous.


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