Knit Along: Galaxy Scarf From Sophie's Fine Yarn Shoppe - Day One | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Galaxy Scarf from Sophie's Fine Yarn Shoppe - Day One

Weighing my options…

Lace knitting?  I can handle that.
Knit Along:  Galaxy Scarf from Sophie's Fine Yarn Shoppe - Day One 1
Lace knitting with two strands of yarn held together?  Okay, now I’m a little nervous.  Still, I like the scarf, I feel like a twelve row repeat is safely within my skill range, and I’m very fond of the pale gray, near silvery color of this yarn.
First step?  Make two even balls of yarn.  Sure, you could “eyeball” it (pun intended), but  did you know there’s a better way?  Let me introduce you to my little friend, the food scale.  You need something a little more delicate than your bathroom scale here, so a food scale (or even a postage scale, I suppose) fills the role nicely.  All you need to do is look at the gram weight of your ball.  You could even weigh the ball, in case you’ve got trust issues with label claims.  Divide that by two, and wind a ball that weighs exactly one-half.  That’s a much more reliable method that just trying to wind two balls that look the same size.  But, I gotta say, mine look nicely even, don’t they?
This little trick also works for figuring out of you’ve got enough yarn for a second sock or mitten once you’ve done the first one.  Weigh it, and if your remaining ball of yarn meets or exceeds your sock’s weight, you’re in the clear.  
There now, don’t you feel more secure?  I know I do.
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Kimberly and Abby
Kimberly and Abby
9 years ago

Speaking from my crocheting experience, working with 2 strands held together is no biggie. I've done projects holding 2, 3, and even 4 strands together. It's a little odd at first, but it becomes familiar quickly.

Camy Tang
Camy Tang
7 years ago

I made this scarf before!

I used an Aran weight yarn rather than two laceweights held together. It looks like nothing but string when you're knitting it, mores than other lace projects I've done, but once you block it, it looks absolutely gorgeous.

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