Knit Along: Herringbone Neck Warmer From Nina - Day 2 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Herringbone Neck Warmer from Nina - Day 2

Okay, the earthworm fixation is fading as I get farther into this, thankfully. And I’ve remembered why I don’t like working with large needles (the pattern calls for #19). The quick pace of the results is counterbalanced by the physical exertion of working with such large needles. Especially with this stitch pattern, where there’s lots of pulling and twisting. I can only keep it up for about an hour, and then I start getting all achy. Knitting becomes an aggressive form of “yarn wrangling;” still satisfying, but not quite as zen as working with smaller needles.

I’ve noticed a really wonderful elasticity of this piece--it stretches considerably in all directions. Useful in a neckwarmer, and especially with such a thick yarn. It’d feel a bit Elizabethan in a straight stockinette, I think. With the uber-flexible herringbone stitch, it’ll be comfortable and stylish. Definitely a clever application of stitch pattern here.
Knit Along: Herringbone Neck Warmer from Nina - Day 2 4
Today, I’m giving you a glimpse of the the luscious ribbon that’s going to fasten this piece. I had the most fun picking it out with the very talented and personable Maili Powell at Soutache--which is good, because I’m not good at these kinds of color things without supervision. This is going to be a stunner when it’s done. I figure I’m about half-way around the piece, so I’ll put this down while I make the mad scramble to finish my Easter shawl and see you next week!

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