Knit Along: Herringbone Neck Warmer From Nina - Day 2 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Herringbone Neck Warmer from Nina - Day 2

Okay, the earthworm fixation is fading as I get farther into this, thankfully. And I’ve remembered why I don’t like working with large needles (the pattern calls for #19). The quick pace of the results is counterbalanced by the physical exertion of working with such large needles. Especially with this stitch pattern, where there’s lots of pulling and twisting. I can only keep it up for about an hour, and then I start getting all achy. Knitting becomes an aggressive form of “yarn wrangling;” still satisfying, but not quite as zen as working with smaller needles.

I’ve noticed a really wonderful elasticity of this piece–it stretches considerably in all directions. Useful in a neckwarmer, and especially with such a thick yarn. It’d feel a bit Elizabethan in a straight stockinette, I think. With the uber-flexible herringbone stitch, it’ll be comfortable and stylish. Definitely a clever application of stitch pattern here.
Knit Along: Herringbone Neck Warmer from Nina - Day 2 3
Today, I’m giving you a glimpse of the the luscious ribbon that’s going to fasten this piece. I had the most fun picking it out with the very talented and personable Maili Powell at Soutache–which is good, because I’m not good at these kinds of color things without supervision. This is going to be a stunner when it’s done. I figure I’m about half-way around the piece, so I’ll put this down while I make the mad scramble to finish my Easter shawl and see you next week!

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