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Knit-Along II: knit's Feather and Fan Shawl - Part 5

See you at the bind-off!

This’ll be our adieu to this stunning project, because I’m not sure how I can make endless rows of repeats entertaining. Don’t get me wrong, this project doesn’t make for bad knitting at all—it just makes for dull reading. I’ve come up with everything useful, insightful, or remotely clever that I can say until I wrap myself in the elegant drape of this shawl and ask you to bask in my fabulousness. Which is difficult to do online anyway. Knit-Along II:  knit's Feather and Fan Shawl - Part 5 1But I promise, you’ll get a photo of both projects on me (no, not at the same time) once the finishing and blocking has been done.

Which leads us to the only possible conclusion: WHAT NEXT?

Next, folks, is “The Hometown Edition.” My personal guide for you to Chicago. Yes, that’s right, I’m promoting a visit to Chicago in winter. When it’s cold. Actually, really cold. But then again, isn’t that the best knitting weather of all? And trust me, I’m going to set you up with some delicious goodies, great stores, and the delectable diversity that is my home city.

Now, I need to draw a distinction here, these aren’t my “home” yarn stores—they’ll get their own special episode later in the year. The DestiKNITions that comes next week will be a Chicago fibertourism extravaganza—four perfect days in Chicago that will introduce you to everything that’s wonderful about our city. Well, in my opinion.

But, now, I actually need YOUR opinion.

As someone recently pointed out to me, the full-scale itinerary blog entry (see the Charleston entry if you don’t know what I’m talking about) is “a whopping lot of information.” Either you think that’s a good thing, or it’s like drinking from a fire-hose. Blogs are supposed to be brief, pithy things by nature. I hand your four days worth of detailed information, which may or may not be what you were looking for.

So here’s your chance to vote: leave a comment with your answer to the following question:
Do you want your Chicago itinerary:
1) All at once in one installment? OR
2) One travel day at a time
(i.e. one blog for your Thursday visit suggestions, another for your Friday visit suggestions, etc.)

Yes, knitters, this is a full service operation and I’ll post the Chicago itinerary according to your wishes!

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