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Knit Along: Knit Nook Knick Knack Sack - Day 1

What’s on first?

I was going to start the scarf first, but my Christmas list forced the issue.  I had a small gift–a gift card, actually, so a lame gift at that.  Actually, even lamer (is that a word?) than a gift card, I think this gift might actually end up being cash. Some sort of creative presentation is definitely in order.  Not that I’m a poor giver–I actually love buying gifts–but this is a person near and dear to me and said person has requested cash.  So, I’m stuck with the tricky balance of granting the recipient’s wishes while looking like I put a little effort into the endeavor.
Knit Along:  Knit Nook Knick Knack Sack - Day 1 1
So now you know why the Knit Nook Knick Knack Sack edged its way into first place.  Yes, I know they called it the Knick Knack Bag, and even my pattern says “pouch,” but how can you resist saying “knick knack sack?” You can’t.  You just can’t.  Especially not when you’re a writer who loves the way words sound.  So, I’m taking a little liberty here and calling it the knick knack sack.  You can send me letters about my abuse of intellectual content if you feel you need to.

Ahem.  A bit of a digression, there, sorry.  Back to matters at hand.  No way on God’s green earth was I going to get through a lace scarf AND the cute little bag before Santa made his way down our chimney.  I could pull off one, but not both.
As such, I’ve happily cast on my cozy little purple pouch and am happily making ruffles.  I feel better already.  Did I have to re-do the long-tail cast on because I didn’t give myself enough tail to make 240 stitches?  Um, yes.  And that was embarrassing.  I know the rule of “an inch per stitch” when measuring out my tail, but one should never eye-ball 240 inches.  You end up underestimating, which ends you up saying un-ladylike phrases while you pull out your 201 cast-on stitches.  Not exactly holiday cheer, if you know what I mean.

Speaking of presents, don’t forget every comment during these Louisville episodes puts you in for a cook prize!
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Kimberly and Abby
Kimberly and Abby
9 years ago

This post reminds of the kids' ditty about giving the dog a bone. If I get that song stuck in my head ocernight, I'm holding you responsible. 😉

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