Knit Along: Knit Nook Knick Knack Sack - Day 2 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Knit Nook Knick Knack Sack - Day 2

Knit Along:  Knit Nook Knick Knack Sack - Day 2 1It’s adorable.  I’m picturing my gift recipient’s face as she spies the perfect purple pouch all textured and yarn-y, miles better than any of those impersonal store-bought gift card holders.  

Knit Along:  Knit Nook Knick Knack Sack - Day 2 2
I’ve done the trio of decrease rows so that now I have this little flower-like object, all ruffly and sweet.  I’ve installed the set of yarn-over eyelet holes that will eventually hold the i-cord to make this a draw-string bag, and I’ve transfered the project over to double-pointed needles.  
Like most small projects, this knits up lickety-split. I imagine I could knock one of these out in an afternoon, even more quickly if I skipped the i-cord and just used ribbon.  Filled with candy or chocolates, these would make great hostess gifts, teacher gifts, or anytime you needed a small token of thanks.  I’d like to try one in self-striping sock yarn–how cute would that be!  An excellent stash-buster to be sure.  It’s also just the right size to hold a bar of artisan soap–another of my favorite hostess gifts.

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9 years ago

This project is too cute! I would like to see it in the self striping sock yarn as well. I will have to go back in the blog to see if you mentioned where to get the pattern. Too cute!

Kimberly and Abby
Kimberly and Abby
9 years ago

Very cute. Sock yarn would be lovely.

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