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Knit Along: Knit Nook Knick Knack Sack - Day 3

Road Trip to Anywhere

Knit Along:  Knit Nook Knick Knack Sack - Day 3 1
Ah, what is happier to a knitter than a road trip?  The passenger seat is one of my favorite places to knit, especially easier projects like our Knick Knack Sack where I am wielding a small piece with easy stitch requirements.  Add a cup of Starbucks, NPR or a good audiobook, and I’m a happy gal.
The only bad thing about such trips is that my photography quality takes a dip.  Blackberries do amazing, but inconsistent photography.  Or, perhaps more likely, I haven’t wielded the option settings to work right under some conditions.  As such, you won’t see much stunning photojournalism in the next few episodes, but at least there’ll be enough imagery to document my progress through this sack.  
After the eyelet rounds (easy as pie), it’s a straight shot through five inches of stockinette, which thankfully means no purling when you’re on dpn’s.  I did a small increase because I wanted a slightly pouchier sack, but it was no big deal to line them up under the eyelet holes–the dividing was already done for me!   
That got me thinking to all the ways you could adapt this pattern.  Add vertical lines–maybe with purls–and you’ve got a pumpkin.  Throw in a bauble pattern.  Basketweave.  Stripes in school colors.  Beads.  Really, anything is possible.  I bought some little soaps on my trip, and I figured out that if I use fingerling yarn and those tiny hi-ya needles I picked up in Bowling Green, I could knock out a different bitty sack for each of my editors when I visit New York next month.
Kudos, Knit Nook for a marvelously adaptable pattern with plenty of style.

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