Knit Along: Mega Cabled Scarf From Stitch DC - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Mega Cabled Scarf from Stitch DC - Day 3

How much pom does a pom-pom pom?

So I’m zipping along on my scarf, my grin widening at the inches I add to it every hour. I’ll be done with it by the end of the week, for sure. Which leaves me with the classic knitter conundrum:

Do I have enough yarn?

Now for travelers like us destiKNITers who love to buy yarn on the road, the internet can be our friend. You stand a pretty good chance of being able to hunt down the same dye lot somewhere out there in cyberspace if you get to the end of your scarf with insufficient fiber. I’m not without options.

Knit Along:  Mega Cabled Scarf from Stitch DC - Day 3 1Still, I find myself staring down at the ever-dwindling ball of turquoise, mentally calculating the yardage need to pom a pom. Do I use the trick from my prayer shawl pattern and make the pom-poms first, pulling from the center and setting the yarn aside so I just knit until I can’t knit any more? Could be.

Or do I live on the edge, guesstimating, using the suspense to spur me on? Isn’t it funny (and maybe rather sad) how I can turn to tufts on yarn into a multi-day drama?

Stay tuned…

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