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Knit Along: Mohair Shrug from Showers of Flowers - Day 1

Marvel or Muppet?

Let me just begin by saying this is very fuzzy. You expect that from a mohair–it’s why you knit with the stuff, to get that halo of fiber around your work–but there’s fuzzy and there’s f-u-z-z-y. I have to admit, this is sort of the moment when you wonder if you’ll end up with a marvel of texture…or a Muppet.

Knit Along:  Mohair Shrug from Showers of Flowers - Day 1 1
It’s too soon to tell, and you can never really judge a yarn until it’s washed and blocked, but there’s a niggling little doubt in the back of my mind that this won’t waft around my shoulders like a cloud. A healthy skepticism, not an outright rejection. You’ve heard me talk about yarn first-dates before–you remember my soap-opera worthy relationship with Hiya-Hiya 7” circs, don’t you? Now’s only the first date. The amazing colorway still has enough intrigue to keep me coming back for more. I’ve got a Christmas party for my writing group in about two weeks, and I’m shooting to wear this. I’m a writer, after all–I live and die by deadlines.

Ah, but deadlines and drama do not play together nicely. And my family seems to be specializing in drama. The beauty of it is that knitting and drama do play together nicely. As a matter of fact, I don’t think Mama could handle the drama if it weren’t for her knitting. Parent teacher conferences? Bring ‘em on. Report cards? You can’t scare me. Delayed flights or hospital waiting rooms? Just begging for some knitting.

Knit Along:  Mohair Shrug from Showers of Flowers - Day 1 2I love projects that add to my toolbox. Patterns that nudge me to learn a new skill are the best of all. This one required me to learn the “knit one below” technique that was all the rage at Stitches Midwest when I was there earlier this year. I’m not sure you can see the full effect in all that variegated fuzziness, but I’m willing to give it another couple of inches. Even if it makes little or no difference to the untrained eye, I’m glad to have that new stitch in my repertoire.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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