Knit Along: Mohair Shrug From Showers Of Flowers - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Mohair Shrug from Showers of Flowers - Day 4


I have been knitting like a fiend all this week, grabbing every spare moment. I knit so much yesterday my fingers ached. And still I am only halfway. The party is tomorrow night.
What is the wise choice here? Go for it, push myself to make this deadline, prove to myself that my life has not spun so far out of control that I can’t get a knitting project done on time? It’s not like this is an Aran sweater. Finishing is within the realm–okay on the outer edges of that realm, true–of possibility. It can be done.
But should it be done? Or is this one of those times where I simply must embrace the saying, “when it rains, I let it”? Where I refuse to let knitting take on the same stresses of “work” in the name of a deadline only I created? Lives are not at stake here, only my ego.
What do you think?
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