Knit Along: Mystery Pattern Neck Comforter From Knitche - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Mystery Pattern Neck Comforter from Knitche - Day 3

A writing and knitting phenomenon…

Every novelist, if they’re honest, will admit to a phenomenon that attacks in the the middle of a book. Particularly the second half of the middle–where you’re not close enough to the end to build up momentum but the novelty (if you’ll pardon my pun) of beginning has long worn off. There comes this time where the grass looks infinitely greener on the other side of the laptop. Suddenly, new books, characters, and premises call to you like sirens. It’s almost painful to slug your way through the current project, to stick to your guns (or your keyboard) and get the job done.

It happens in knitting, too. A close cousin to the “second sock syndrome” of not being able to muster the gusto to make that second sock once the novelty of the first has worn off. Knit Along:  Mystery Pattern Neck Comforter from Knitche - Day 3 1I’m onto the solid second half of the middle of this neckwarmer, having just switched to the second of two balls of yarn. I know I’m starting downhill toward that satisfying bind off and the cute off-center seam that makes this project so enchanting.

But does that stop me from fondling the fibers of my next projects? Not a chance. I’ve just scored all the booty from my recent trip to St. Louis (our next DestiKNITions location), and it’s calling to me like the sirens. I took the projects out today and ran my hands over the luscious hanks and balls, feeling my eyes wander to my vase of needles to start matching them up. Come on, you’ve been there. No true fiber fanatic has less than four projects in progress at any given moment. More, if you’re honest. I can give you twelve reasons why I need to “tie myself to the mast” here and ignore the siren’s song. I love the color-pooling of this project, I’m thankful for the calm regularity of the fisherman’s ribbing. I’m…I’m…(see Allie’s hand stray toward the devilishly clear knitting bag one of the St. Louis stores provided, cruelly showing off the hand-dyed sock yarn).

No, no I tell you! I’m not some kind of fickle fiber floozy. I’m gonna stay the course. Keep at my satisfying, dependable fisherman’s rib. Delight in the mystery of the color pooling because I haven’t connected with Kathy to explain it to me yet. I love this project, and I won’t be unfaithful.

Ahem, excuse me while I go pet my Lorna’s Laces yarn and remind myself why I will love this neckwarmer when I am done. Not only because it’s lovable, but because I will have proven my fidelity when it is.


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