Knit Along: Noro Legwarmers From Yarn Company - Day 6 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Noro Legwarmers from Yarn Company - Day 6

Startitis and finishitis...

I’ve never been much for willpower.  It is a standing joke in our house that if there is a sweet I like nearby, I’ll eat it.  Period.  It won’t matter that I’ve promised not to, or that it’s supposed to be for someone else, or that I’m already up a few pounds.  
So it’s a problem that willpower--or determination or discipline or any of those nasty words I rarely subscribe to--is what’s required to finish this leg-warmer.
Knit Along: Noro Legwarmers from Yarn Company - Day 6 4
Writers will tell you that in the final chapters of the book in progress, suddenly all sorts of new projects will take on a fantastic lure.  All at once you can think of twelve new stories itching to be told, projects clamoring to draw your attention from the tough job of finishing the current work.  This is no different.  I have "startitis"--or is it "finishitis"?  My eye has been drawn to loads of next projects and I can’t think of anything interesting to say about the final ten inches if tiny size 5 stockinette stitch other than “oh, goody, an increase row!”  
And that is not interesting.  I’m not even sure its dignified.   These pieces are beautiful, and deserve better than such prattle.
So where does that leave you, intrepid DestiKNITter?  Well, I’d consider it a true failing to bore you, so here’s where we’ll leave off.  I have kept you alongside for the biggest challenge of this project--getting solidly into the second piece.  I promise I’ll finish these lovely pieces from The Yarn Company, even if they do end up as something other than leg-warmers (sleeves on a shrug perhaps?), but I won’t make you watch when I have other lovely projects from my New York visit we can explore together.
Anymore than I’d make you witness my scarfing down the last chocolate Donette in the bag even though they were supposed to be a treat for my son.
Some ugly shortcomings are best kept private.
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