Knit Along: Peony Scarf From Gabriella's - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Peony Scarf from Gabriella's - Day 3

Caution: Author Brain at Work

I’m a professional. I wield words for a living. So I should be able to make 4.5 inches of size 4 needle stockinette stitch interesting. I could start a conversation about the lovely flow of the pastel colors. Describe the colorway as something Lilly Pulitzer would drool over. Compare the delicate practicality of this fiber and how it will make such a contrast to the next yarn, which is named Lust, which should give you a pretty good idea how luscious it feels. This scarf is its own Jane Austen novel–Sin and Sensibility. There. Professional at work. Isn’t it interesting?

Not really. This is a pastel triathalon. The knitting equivalent of a month-late baby. In August. In Georgia. And remember, it has a bigger twin right behind it.

Focus, Allie. Finish this part.

I’m worried, now, that in a few rows when I start the picot bind-off, that it will be beyond my skills and I’ll have to grovel to this scarf and beg its mercy to please allow me to finish. Allie Pleiter, experienced knitter, done in by a picot bind off. Not something significant like an Aran cable or the Kitchner stitch, just a silly little bind-off.

And picot–that’s one of those bind-em-off-then-put-em-back-on-then-move-the-whole-thing-back-onto-the-left-needle kinds of bind offs, isn’t it? The kind where you end up doing 12 stitches for every original stitch…

…and remember, there were over 400 of those…

It may be a very long weekend. My next post may be cranky indeed.

Next time I say “bring it on,” stick me with the sharpest double-pointed needle you can find.

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Camy Tang
Camy Tang
11 years ago

Picot bind off: Can you use a crochet hook? Does that make it come out similarly enough to the knit picot bind off?

11 years ago

Oh I hate to kniw but love to crochet, I am making some bookmarks now with crochet for a fund raiser.


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