Knit Along: Peony Scarf From Gabriella's - Day 7 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Peony Scarf from Gabriella's - Day 7

Endless rows

This is proving to be an endurance test, to be sure. I still have 20-some-odd rows to get through before I can start the mind-numbing picot bindoff. All of this has been hindered–as you may have guessed by the startling lack of new material on here last week–by a fiendish book deadline. But once I hit “enter” tomorrow, I will become a size 4 stockinette fiend and get this thing done!

Amusing conversation tonight as I allowed myself “one row” in between editing sessions:
MOM: (Sitting sprawling on living room chair, watching America’s Got Talent and wincing, says nothing)
SON: You lied, Mom.
MOM: (Looking up, trying to refocus after such tiny stitches) Huh?
SON: You said you were only going to do one row.
MOM: Yep.
SON: It’s been, like, half an hour (said with a tone of disbelief and major attitude).
MOM: I know. I’m still on one row.

Way to drive the non-productivity home, beloved offspring. How is it kids can do that?

I will prevail…
I will prevail…

Just in case you’re growing weary of this, know our next episode will be a very cool pair of socks and some outstanding pizza from BOWLING GREEN, KY!

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