Knit Along: Pimpelliese Shawlette From Grinny Possum - DONE! | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Pimpelliese Shawlette from Grinny Possum - DONE!


Knit Along: Pimpelliese Shawlette from Grinny Possum - DONE! 6
Well, I went with the most expedient choice, which was to hunt down a skein at a local yarn shop and hope for the best. God smiled down on my knitting this time, and I actually matched the dye lot (yippee!).  I had to laugh when literally, I only needed to do the last inch of this shawlette.  I waited days to do the last ten minutes of knitting--this project has not been my finest hour of needlework expediency.  

I do love the non-knitting reader who thought outside the box and asked if there was a way I could un-knit the first inch of the beginning edge to make them match.  Very creative (but I had my doubts as to how possible).
Knit Along: Pimpelliese Shawlette from Grinny Possum - DONE! 7
I really do like the way it came out.  I admit to some trepidation, however, as I let it soak to block.  The fiber smelled very...farmy.  I mean really animals-right-next-to-you-farmy even after soaking in a little bit of Dawn blue (my personal favorite yarn soak and the fave of many knitters I know).  I’m no stranger to the odor of wet wool, but this one was quite strong.  However, the garment was also wonderfully soft, so I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt until it’s done blocking. No jokes about how this particular photo makes it look as if I've knitted myself a sea horse, please.
The shawlette is slated to make it’s debut appearance at church tomorrow.  I’ll let you know how it all turns out.
Up next...a return visit to New York City with a little Hollywood thrown in!
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