Knit Along: Pimpelliese Shawlette From Grinny Possum - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Pimpelliese Shawlette from Grinny Possum - Day 4

Ever have one of those weeks?  

Yep, it’s been a doozy of a week over here, which is why you haven’t heard from me until today.  I don’t mind stress, but wind it up enough that I don’t even have time to knit, and things get ugly.  

Knit Along: Pimpelliese Shawlette from Grinny Possum - Day 4 4
Creative deadlines are the worst, because I don’t know about you, but my brain will not create under pressure.  I am not the person who can lock themselves up in a cabin in the woods and crank out those last four chapters if my book due Monday.  So, even though the manuscript isn’t due until August, I’m already feeling the heat.  Pack on kids-out-of-school-and-whining-underfoot, and, well, you understand why there’s no more ice cream left in my house.
Still, it felt enormously satisfying to get to the midsection of this shawlette.  Finally, it’s downhill from here.  With one frustrating caveat:  I am four rows short of the actual middle when I had to start my third ball of yarn.  This means I run the very real risk of being four rows short when I run out of my fourth (and final) ball of yarn.  We might shave this one as close as my market bag.  Fabulous, because what I really need this week is another reason to get nervous.
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