Knit Along: Plymouth Yarn Market Bag From Knitorious - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Plymouth Yarn Market Bag from Knitorious - Day 3

Produce ponderings...

Now, it’s really starting to look like a bag. I’m especially fond of the stretchiness of the webbing--this is going to be a useful bag. I’m a little worried about the strength and washability, but there’s no way to tell that now. Will I be sorry I chose a pastel shade? It’s not like I’m planning to transport motor oil in this thing, but I suppose a badly-selected bunch of concord grapes could do serious damage.

Knit Along: Plymouth Yarn Market Bag from Knitorious - Day 3 4Repetition and volume have still not solve my “knit-two-together” dilemma. I just can’t seem to get the knack of it. Still, it’s not disastrous to have to get an extra finger involved every fourth stitch. I’m still pleasantly fast on this. By the next entry I should be done with the webbing and on to the top and handles. I love fast results.

It’s a credit to this pattern that I’m thinking about ways to adapt it. I don’t normally like a pattern enough to spend additional time with it. Still, I was wondering today if the pattern could be effectively “half-sized” for produce bags. You know, instead of those dozens of plastic bags they make you put your lemons and broccoli in. Or, I suppose you could just use small gauge yarn and needles and get a similar effect, although I suspect you’d want a shallower bag than outlined in this pattern. Something to ponder.

That’d be really virtuous in the produce aisle. I mean, lots of people bring their own bags. But their own smaller bags for produce? Moral produce superiority.

Not that I go for that or anything. I mean, how can I with a Twinkie in my hand and a latte in the other? I got it: a matching to-go paper coffee cup cuff. My local grocery store of choice has a Starbucks inside (I bet this comes a no surprise to you!).

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Kimberly and Abby
Kimberly and Abby
13 years ago

Why not make the bottom square wider and longer (to give you more area for your veggies) and make the sides about half as high, then add your handles and top? Or am I not picturing this right (it wouldn't be the first time LOL)?

BTW I finished reading Mission of Hope this week. It was fab! Now, I want to know if that snot Major Simon will be getting his own book? A good woman could entice him to make some changes and be a better man…

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