Knit-Along: Sampler Scarf From It's A Stitch - Part 2 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit-Along: Sampler Scarf from It's A Stitch - part 2

Section 2: The Flame Chevron pattern

Kudos to our designer here, who understood that we might need a breather after…ahem…being challenged by the last section. This section is much easier, but it’s still not one of those I can whip off while watching a bit of television. Like I said earlier, this is a “pay attention” scarf—excellent for distracting you from long periods of waiting time but prone to making you yell “just let me get to the end of my row” even if your children are bleeding. My photo from my last post (the one showing my handmade Kentucky needles) shows off the pattern nicely. That’s useful: once you figure out where the pattern is going (sort of like a recipe…always good to look at the photo so you have an idea what it’s supposed to look like),Knit-Along:  Sampler Scarf from It's A Stitch - part 2 1 it’s easier to know which row you might be on if your dog gets into the garbage or someone has the nerve to call you on the phone while you’re tucked away with your knitting. Or someone has the nerve to want a luxury like dinner. Really, people, I need to knit. “My blogging public is depending on me!” Of course, my husband took that occasion to remind me that I’d “better not mess up while the whole world is watching.” So much for the calming nature of knitting.

No, really, the cool pattern you get is worth the attention you spend. One warning: it took me more than a few minutes to realize you didn’t fully repeat the whole sequence to get to the number rows they ask for…I’m a wordsmith, not a numbers gal.

Stitch on, DestiKNITers…Section Three comes on Friday.

And hey, if this is your first visit, make sure you go back and read the original CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA post–it’ll put the whole experience in delicious context.

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