Knit-Along: Sampler Scarf From It's A Stitch--part 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit-Along: Sampler Scarf from It's A Stitch--part 4

Section 4: The Cloisters

Ah, once again our designer gives us calmer rows to catch our breath. These charming little blooms of yarn-overs float over a stress-free inch or so of simple knit-purl. Okay, I got lost once…ahem, twice…because something on the television made me look up (not the best choice for a House episode, be warned), but I was able to find my way back without saying things that would have shocked my children. You do have to remember the difference between SSK and S2KP, but with a little cheat sheet I can keep it straight. I like this pattern. Knit-Along: Sampler Scarf from It's A Stitch--part 4 1
It’s challenging, but not in a way where I find myself gripping the needles with white knuckles. The tiny little bobbles—something I’ve always wanted to master—make me grin. They sit there like little white cashmere hiccups at the top of the pattern, happy to cap off such a satisfying repeat. And because we’re nearing the middle of the scarf, I’m delighted to think this is the pattern most people will see up next to my face. I am happy at my needles.

This, of course, makes me wonder what horrors await me in the next section…and what kind of mind would ever think up a metaphor as loony as “white cashmere hiccup.” Cashmere goats worldwide are rolling their eyes in indignation, I’m sure.

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