Knit Along: Schmetterling Shawl From Mia Bella - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Schmetterling Shawl from Mia Bella - Day 4

“I’m not going to bed until I finish the pattern repeats on this thing!”

One of those weeks.  I could barely get to the “must get done"s by the weekend, much less the things that are supposed to be fun.  That’s the trouble with craft blogs.  I can’t exactly tell my publisher that my current assignment is going to be late because the knitting didn’t cooperate.

Knit Along: Schmetterling Shawl from Mia Bella - Day 4 4
Actually, the knitting was downright obsequious.  It was the rest of my life that excelled at making tasks impossible.  Like mothers everywhere, I live my life at the mercy of my kids’ immune systems.  My life can be brought down by a single phone call from the school nurse.  And has. Repeatedly.  I have the feeling a few of you know what I’m talking about. 

Actually, that role isn’t just the bane of moms.  Elderly parents can tank a week in a single phone call, too, can't they?

Ah, but the knitting is always patiently waiting for me.  It never pouts that I’ve ignored it.  The satisfaction of having completed four increasing repeats of a rather complicated pattern is the perfect antidote to an exploded week.  Accomplishment is luscious indeed.

I made it to the end border. Sure it was almost two weeks behind when I wanted to reach it, and the Christmas party I planned to wear this shawlette to was two nights ago, but there’s still Christmas Eve.  A knitting deadline is a flexible thing.

My publisher, well that’s another story.
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