Knit Along: Schmetterling Shawl From Mia Bella--Day 2 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Schmetterling Shawl from Mia Bella--Day 2

Embracing my marked limitations...

Knit Along: Schmetterling Shawl from Mia Bella--Day 2 6

I’ve reached the first repeat of my pattern, and I have to say this takes a fair amount of concentration.  I have to read the chart frontwards AND backwards--that’s asking a lot of my approaching-holiday brain cells.  It took my a dozen rows to get used to how the pattern is a row essentially folded in half--I’ve never seen that before.  And every repeat of the chart adds two repeats of an internal section.  There’s only one way to handle such a cerebral task:

Stitch markers.

Call me middle-aged, but I can only handle about fifteen stitches worth of organization at a time.  Okay, twenty if I’ve recently been to Starbucks.  Which is smarter? Pretending I’m so skilled I don’t need stitch markers? Or botching rows on a regular basis out of pride?

Call me humble, but I’m reaching for the markers.

Knit Along: Schmetterling Shawl from Mia Bella--Day 2 7

Lucky for me, I’ve got a nice collection.  For big projects on mid-size needles, I like my pretty beaded ones.  For lace work, I like the small plastic circles because they they’re right size for fine work and won’t snag the fiber.  I have enough of different colors that I can use them to signify something, but in this case they don’t need to do anything but mark off the pattern repeats.

I embrace my limitations--and I like shiny accessories.
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