Knit-Along: Sock Wizard Socks From The Modern Ewe | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit-Along: Sock Wizard Socks from The Modern Ewe

Elite feet…

Personalized socks. The stuff of dreams for any serious knitter. With the pattern–which takes my shoe size, sock preferences, knitting gauge, and prospective yarn into consideration–comes the prospect of supreme comfort….

…At a cost of gazillions of stitches. If I was looking for a good test of my new bifocal contact lenses, I got it. These stitches are teeny. And while this Zauberball is one of the coolest yarns ever, I wish I’d thought to have Dana wind the yarn so that the socks started with grey or white instead of black. Small black stitches are decidedly un-fun. I’m glad Dana walked me through Suzie’s Cast On right there in the shop, because I don’t think I’d have been able to do it on my own under these conditions.

This will be my first toe-up sock. Knit-Along:  Sock Wizard Socks from The Modern Ewe 1 While you certainly can’t tell from its present state, at some point I’ll be able to try these on and see how they fit. I like that concept. I also like the fact that while progress may be excruciatingly slow, I stand no chance whatsoever of falling prey to “second sock syndrome”–that nasty condition where you simply can’t muster the enthusiasm to make the second sock in a given pattern. So, while it may take me a fortnight to get done, once I’m done I’m truly done. I may not find this element so attractive when I’m attempting to turn two sock heels at once.

And both socks are on the same needle! While this looks like knitting KungFu, making others ooh and aah over your technical prowess, it does make for tangling yarns. At least until you can implement Dana’s coolest hint: tuck the balls into each sock. Brilliant! I’ve told this little secret to other like-the-idea-of-two-on-the-same-needle-but-hate-the-tangle knitters, who look at me wide-eyed like I’ve just told them how to eat chocolate without ingesting calories.

Squinty-eyed and ready to be impressed, I soldier on!

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