Knit-Along: Sock Wizard Socks From The Modern Ewe - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit-Along: Sock Wizard Socks from The Modern Ewe - Day 4

Not especially fun-sized…

“In about another inch, i.e. by the next installment…” HA! Do you know how long it takes to produce an inch on such microscopic needles? A week. And at Christmas no less, while under deadline.

Why have I not written anything about these socks? Because I’ve had nothing interesting to say. I’ve been slogging though the world’s smallest stitches, trying desperately to get to the increases so I’d have something compelling to show you rather than more rows of itty-bitty stitches. Knit-Along:  Sock Wizard Socks from The Modern Ewe - Day 4 1I’m exceedingly glad I’m doing both socks at once, because I’d never be able to muster up the motivation to do this again.

Making such socks for someone else is an act of supreme, enduring love. If ever gifted a pair of these by his girlfriend, a man had better propose on the spot because he’ll never find such devotion elsewhere, believe you me. This is a sock that separates the knitters from the…well…really addicted knitters. And, of course, being publicly committed (and I use that verb with a certain wry smile) to finishing these adds a certain urgent irony to the whole thing. I can’t back out now. Even if I do feel like throwing these skinny pointed implements of pain at the wall on a regular basis. They’d impale, too. Very sharp and pointy.

I need to face facts here. I’m just not a size 0 gal. In knitting or anything else. I’m six feet tall, I haven’t seen clothing sizes in single digits since the 9th grade. I don’t even like fun-sized candy bars. I’m not, by any stretch of the imagination, a delicate creature. But I will finish these socks because I think there’s a lesson to be learned by seeing this thing through. And they will be cool when they’re done.Knit-Along:  Sock Wizard Socks from The Modern Ewe - Day 4 2

I just might be 90 when that happens.

So, here’s my plan: I will continue to work on these (and, hopefully, blog about my progress or lack thereof) through New Years. Come Jan 4, however, I’ll you put you out of your misery and move on to a new project so you have interesting things to read here. I’ll check back in when they’re done, you can be sure of that, but I don’t think making you slog this particular marathon beside me will be very entertaining. The yarn is nifty–I definitely recommend it for another project. The personalized pattern is a treat–worth the investment if you’re a dedicated sock fan. It’s just the ensuing miniature stitches that make this so challenging.

And whatever you do, don’t attempt these on a deadline. The only thing saving me this month was that these were NOT someone’s Christmas present!

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