Knit-Along: Sock Wizard Socks From The Modern Ewe - Day 5 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit-Along: Sock Wizard Socks from The Modern Ewe - Day 5

Delete the deadline?

You know, the moment I removed the dastardly deadline from the picture, I began to enjoy knitting these again. Funny how that works.

And that’s the point, isn’t it? Keeping this from being work? From just another deadline I have to meet? I think in my tiny-stitched madness I lost sight of the sheer pleasure of good workmanship. I mean, look at this gusset. Knit-Along:  Sock Wizard Socks from The Modern Ewe - Day 5 1 It’s precise. There’s no pesky hole where the increases start. This, DestiKNITters, is ART.

I’m strutting around my living room like some kind of yarn goddess. Showing completely disinterested family members (who have seen this behavior before and have learned to ignore the crazy lady with the needles) what an artisan I am. Step back, people, massive ego on the loose.

I’ve still got several rows of increases in the gusset to go, which isn’t particularly interesting, so I’ll pull out a diversionary tactic: the cute dog.

It occurred to me that once you factor in the nose, these socks are the exact color of my Havanese dog, Bella. See for yourself. Knit-Along:  Sock Wizard Socks from The Modern Ewe - Day 5 2Pretend not to notice how she is looking at you, not at the sock (she’s a diva, she knows an audience is better than a sock). She is smart, and has realized she is being exploited. I will be required to give extra biscuits at bedtime, I assure you.

One thing I should mention–and this is a credit to the Sock Wizard people here–these fit fabulously. I suspect they will be the most comfortable socks I own when they’re done. I could see how, after a year or so off, I could be convinced to make these again in some obscenely lush fiber.

Oh dear, stop me now. That’s a very dangerous thought.

Maybe I should go back on the deadline.

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Kimberly and Rufus
Kimberly and Rufus
10 years ago

The socks do match your dog. I hope she isn't a sock-eater. Maybe you ought to work on another project in between this one to give yourself a break from those minuscule stitches?

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