Knit Along: Socks From Crafty Hands - Day 5 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Socks from Crafty Hands - Day 5

As the heel turns…

This really is turning into a soap opera.  A love-hate relationship.  Loads of drama.

The first couple of rows were murder, but like the cast-on, things smoothed out with a few rows underneath my fingers.  By the middle of the heel flap, I was actually enjoying myself.  The double-knitting (a lovely touch for too-prone-to-wear-through sock heels, by the way) was taxing in the dark purple, I admit.  Things went much easier once the yarn turned to red.  And the slipped stitches made the color change really quite amusing–there was one row where stitches were alternating red and purple.  

Knit Along:  Socks from Crafty Hands - Day 5 1

Then it got snarky again when I had to SSK and purl 2 tog during the heel turn. I’m glad the yarn was red by then–purple yarn might have resulted in fiber violence.  Really, I’ve sent some of my heroes and heroines through less drama in their relationships.  

Still, points for our designer.  Starla’s directions are a perfect companion–I love that she tells you to “go to your happy place” and “reach for coffee and chocolate” before you attempt the heel turn.  No wonder I liked this woman from the first!  Naturally, I did both.  Twice.

My plan is to finish the gusset today so that I’m ready to tackle the foot during this week’s “Stitch and Pitch” at the Chicago White Sox game.  For the mother of a baseball-loving boy, this is about as perfect an outing as you can get.  Who knows, maybe some of my section neighbors will ask me about my teeny circs and I can launch into a full rendition of the drama (I’m good at that…).

Knit Along:  Socks from Crafty Hands - Day 5 2

Peony Scarf Update:

Some of you have asked about the Peony Scarf’s outcome.  It was a challenge to block, but turned out beautifully.  Here’s a photo of it all blocked out, and I’ll post a photo of it on after I wear it to church tomorrow.  It’s a stunner for sure!

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