Knit Along: Socks From Crafty Hands - Day 6 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Socks from Crafty Hands - Day 6

Knit Along:  Socks from Crafty Hands - Day 6 1

I think I just might be in love.  The stockinette rounds that make up the crucial (and often tedious) foot portion of the sock are nothing less than lovely on these little circs.  Even the pesky SSK that comes every other row–a bit of a challenge–isn’t fading the smirk on my face as I head down the gusset and off into the foot.  The yarn is feeling soft and looking artsy.  Progress is energizingly quick.  I stand the very good chance of making it to the toe BEFORE we get to the ballpark, which might be a travesty indeed.  I might have to pay a bit more attention to dear ol’ Sackboy just to pace myself–and that’s a high compliment indeed.

I’m falling hard for the portability of socks–especially with the small circ.  I’ve always been reluctant to stuff a handful of dpn’s into a handbag, but I’ve tucked these into my bag more than once out on the town.  Could be addictive.

There’s something highly attractive about knitting a project you know will wrap your tootsies in handmade comfort.  Or the feet of someone you love (or just like enough to knit for…).  For a gal who’s spent waaaay to much time in the care of a podiatrist this year, I’m delighted to be doing something nice for those appendages far too cozy with the word “orthotics.”  I may have to buy myself some of those clear plastic boots so the world can admire my socks.

Oh wait, those socks will be sitting on less-than-artistic orthotic insoles.  Oh well, I’ll know there’s art in my shoes.  If I’m lucky, it’ll show in my eyes.

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10 years ago

Before toe shaping….Administer chocolate and coffee. Repeat if necessary.
Before grafting…repeat as above.

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