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Knit Along: Socks from Crafty Hands - Day 2

Getting to know you…

Granted, they’re small.  But I’m starting to think of these little 9” dynamos as mighty.  There are times when they do seem like a case of carpal tunnel waiting to happen (I like Starla’s advice to “play a little air guitar” every few rows or every time the self striping yarn self-stripes), but I am finding them quick and easy.  The ribbing, I’ve realized, is part of what tangles them up.  I imagine when I get the part where I ditch the ribbing–in a couple of inches, which I’m guessing will be some time this weekend–I’ll start sailing ‘round the rounds.  

Knit Along:  Socks from Crafty Hands - Day 2 1

I haven’t read ahead to see if I actually do the heel flap on these things (I don’t read ahead in patterns any more than I plot my books out in advance), so that may prove to be an adventure. 

One unforeseen advantage? People stare at me, and even ask, “what are those tiny little needles?”  Which allows me to launch into a conversation on knitting. Hey, anything that prompts anyone to ask me about knitting is a good thing.  

Not that it takes a whole lot of persuasion, actually.  Sometimes none at all.  Just look at the yarn in my hands–even for a second–and that’s enough to start me off.  My children roll their eyes in one of those “here she goes again” expressions and head for cover.  Ah, to mortify your teenage offspring is the precious privilege of every mother.

And they’ve no reason to roll their eyes.  

The world would be such a happier place if everyone brought their knitting.  Bank lines would become calm and patient.  People wouldn’t get testy on delayed air flights.  Everyone would always have enough socks.   The sheer volume of doctor waiting room reduced blood pressure would stagger the mind.  Even if half the earth’s population dropped a stitch a day, we’d still be so much happier.  And warmer.  And fuzzier.  And occupied…

Change the world with yarn and two pointy sticks?  It could happen…

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