Knit Along: Super Scarf From Broad Ripple Knits - Day 5 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Super Scarf from Broad Ripple Knits - Day 5

Knitting and Not Knitting
I admit, after five feet of blue and white triangles, I’m getting a bit, um, unexcited.  I keep imagining what it would be like to do this in a rainbow progression because the two-step dance of blue/white/blue/white is getting monotonous.  
Knit Along: Super Scarf from Broad Ripple Knits - Day 5 6
You need to understand, dear knitters, that this is more about me and my character flaws than any pattern or yarn issue.  My weaknesses in coming to the end of things...projects, tasks, chores, books, the stuff of legend.  We actually looked into installing those beeping things that tell you the car door is open into our kitchen cabinet doors.  My poor husband has banged his head on an open cabinet door more times than I can bear.  It’s good for me to have the “pressure” of getting it done for you to push me along--although careful readers will note this installment is rather on the late side....
I press on for that final foot of blue/white.  The nifty visits I made in Louisville earlier this month are waiting and if I don’t tell you about the joys of fudge covered cherry pie soon, I’ll burst.
Knit Along: Super Scarf from Broad Ripple Knits - Day 5 7
Shifting subjects, I did something last night I rarely do.  Having fully stuffed myself on Thanksgiving goodies, I plopped down on the couch and hit the “On Demand” button to get a movie. I decided on Eat Pray Love, since I’d read the book and we’d just had an eating holiday (wait...aren’t all holidays eating ones?) and all the household menfolk were downstairs with various electronic devices.
And I proceeded to watch an entire movie without knitting.  That’s right, I just sat--okay lay--there and watched.  I cannot remember the last time I did that. Seriously.  There comes a moment in the movie where the Liz character engages in dolce far niente--the “sweetness of doing nothing.”  For me, watching a movie without knitting is just that.  I just wallowed on the couch and enjoyed the movie.
Not that I’ll do such things every time I sit down to watch something, but I was reminded that while I always love to knit, I don’t always have to knit.
It should be noted that when I sat down to knit today--even though it was on yet more blue and white triangles--I think I enjoyed it just a tiny bit more.
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Kimberly and Abby
Kimberly and Abby
13 years ago

I can only watch TV and crochet if whatever's on the TV is described well. Figure skating=no crocheting, NASCAR=crochet away until a wreck happens. 🙂

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