Knit Along: Sweetie Pie Baby Hat From String Theory Yarn Co. - Day 2 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Sweetie Pie Baby Hat from String Theory Yarn Co. - Day 2

The trade-off...

Sometimes I get cocky.

I look at a pattern, I set my markers, and I cruise along like “I’ve got mad skills,” as my 14-year-old would say. I let my attention stray and, well, we’ve all been there. It generally involves saying impolite words, grunting, and undoing no less than three rows.

Knit Along: Sweetie Pie Baby Hat from String Theory Yarn Co. - Day 2 6Now, you’d think the fact that I’m doing this in a hospital setting--where it’s forgivable to have my attentions focused elsewhere--makes it less humbling. Nope. It’s just as much a dent to my ego in the “Day Procedure Room” as it is in the comfort of my own home. Perhaps more, because there are people watching who know how devoted I am to the craft. I have probably boasted of aforementioned “mad skills” to at least one, if not all, of the nurses.

This makes me question my previous assessment that this project might make good travel knitting. I’m still not sure. Travel knitting can’t be boring--endless rows of stockinette won’t help the miles fly by like an engrossing pattern can. It becomes a trade-off: does to potential to mess up offset the engagement factor? Even after three rows of “tinking”...twice...I’d still say this pattern offers a worthwhile travel distraction. Allie-approved for the airport. The Department of Motor Vehicles. Hospital. Or anywhere you need to kill multiple hours.

Knit Along: Sweetie Pie Baby Hat from String Theory Yarn Co. - Day 2 7The heart pattern, which offers the trap...ahem...challenge here, is too cute to hold a grudge against. I do wonder if the combination of blue and hearts might not come off--do hearts cancel out boy colors in something like this? Do real tiny men wear hearts? I remember hesitating to put my baby girl in anything blue unless it was covered in ruffles, simply because folks jump to boy if blue is involved. Chime in here, DestiKNITers, and let me know what you think.

Next up? The dreaded bobbles. Let’s see, when are we due back in the hospital...?

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13 years ago

Hi! i love the way you have done the heart, I am doing the same pattern but I'm stuck in the beginning of it. I don't understand the instructions, since the heart motif is not 11 stitches it's 12 and that moves everything!! or am I doing somethign wrong? Maybe it's just 3 st between heart motifs rathen then 4? HELP!! please!!

😛 KC

Allie Pleiter
Allie Pleiter
13 years ago

Yes, I understand your problem. You do have to do a little fudging on this. LOOK at the hearts, see how they line up in their individual shapes, and make adjustments. Watch how the diagonal bottoms of the hearts stack up one stitch farther away from each other as you go and guide yourself by that. The other thing you can do is email my friend Janet from String Theory Yarn Co. and see if she can help you. Let me know how you fare!

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