Knit Along: Sweetie Pie Baby Hat From String Theory Yarn Co. - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Sweetie Pie Baby Hat from String Theory Yarn Co. - Day 4

Crown me...

With the bobbles behind me, the crown feels like an easy downhill slide. Knit Along: Sweetie Pie Baby Hat from String Theory Yarn Co. - Day 4 4Although I am staring at the small amount of yarn left and wondering if we’ve got enough to make it through the two lengths of i-cord. I’m following the directions to the letter, that should mean I have enough yarn left to finish the pattern. But you know how we second-guess ourselves on these things; maybe I knit too loosely or I’ve somehow managed to use the wrong size needles. Give me a finite amount of fiber and I’ll convince myself there’s a problem ahead. It’s why I always buy an extra ball of whatever---and why I have a gazillion “extra” balls swelling my stash drawers. I need a repertoire of stash-buster patterns to be a good steward of my stash. Then again, if I really were a good steward of my yarn, would I have such an enormous stash to begin with? Best not to get too philosophical about such things.

The softness of this yarn continues to amaze me. It’s just so dreamy between the fingers. It’s a natural for baby things, but I’m greedy for my own projects. I picture a big sweater knit out of this, the kind you pull on when the sun goes down after a day at the beach. In sherbet colors with a big scoop neck. Yeah, that’d be dreamy.

Ha! In my dreams. I don’t have time to consider a project as large as a sweater. I’d be done by Christmas if I’m lucky, which isn’t really the season for beachwear (then again, cruise?). Smarten up, Allie; maybe someday, but not likely someday soon.

Best to just adapt the pattern and make a beanie for myself--I tend to look ghastly in them but it’ll be such a comfy sort of ghastly.

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