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Knit Along: Traveling Vines Scarf from Magpie Yarns


Knit Along: Traveling Vines Scarf from Magpie Yarns 6Oh my goodness this feels like a vacation from the tiny stitches of my socks. It helps that I get to use my luscious Signature needles, which always feel posh. The yarn has these tiny sequins strung together on a parallel thread, which adds just the right amount of sparkle, but makes for a bit of tricky handling. Still, how can you not love a yarn called Disco Lights? Get out your spandex and boogie down...

Like all of my favorite projects, this scarf designed by Magpie owner Jane Homeyer adds something to my toolbox. Sure, I had to google “purl two together through the back loop” and watch the video a dozen times. Yes, I had to make myself a little post-it note cheat sheet until I got the four-step process under my belt, but I feel smarter for having added it to my repertoire. And anything that makes me feel smarter, looks lush, and brings sparkle to my life is good, indeed!

And the progress! After slugging through 1-hour-gets-you-one-quarter-inch sock stitches, it’s refreshing to gain two inches after twelve rows and about 40 minutes. In a week where my “didn’t get done” list is twice as long as my “accomplished” list, that’s golden!Knit Along: Traveling Vines Scarf from Magpie Yarns 7

Now, given the purple color and charming sparkle of this scarf, I’m tempted to plan it for my Valentine’s Day accessory. You all know my history with deadlines--especially holiday deadlines (remember Easter?)--so I’m resisting the urge. It’s better for everyone if I do.

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Charlene Ann Baumbich
Charlene Ann Baumbich
11 years ago

Dig it!

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