Knit Along: Traveling Vines Scarf From Magpie Yarns - Day 5 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Traveling Vines Scarf from Magpie Yarns - Day 5

If you’re happy and you knit it...

Knit Along: Traveling Vines Scarf from Magpie Yarns - Day 5 4Tomorrow, I’m going to drive two hours to sit in a six-hour meeting.

I couldn’t be happier.

It’s not the drive, pleasant as it promises to be. Nor is it the content of the meeting, important as it is. If you’ve been reading DestiKNITions for any time at all, you probably have already figured out that I’m delighted to have so much knitting time stretching out in front of me. I’m ready to go the final stretch on this lovely Traveling Vines scarf, and this is my chance.

Take a moment to think about what an extraordinary thing that is, how odd those comments would sound to the non-knitting world. Delay our flights for another hour, and most knitters just see it as the chance to get a dozen more rows done. Sit through a three hours class at a writing conference? I could knock out half a sock and still pay close attention to the curriculum.

Knitting changes your concept of time. Of down time, lost time, and the nastiest of villains, wasted time. I’m the happiest person I know in the airport during a rainstorm. I’m the happiest person in the doctor’s waiting room, the DMV, the long line for anything.

...Unless you take away my knitting. Then, sister, back off and duck behind a wall.

But with my needles, I’m a source of joy. I don’t think us knitters give ourselves enough credit for the positive influence we have on situations like that. There are enough people sending out mean, impatient, frustrated vibes in those situations; the world needs the peace and calm of knitters. We’re mood oxygen, people. The emotional rainforest, sucking up all the nasty stuff to give back happy, creative productivity.

The transportation and medical industries alone would be virtually transformed by the presence of more knitters. Health and auto insurance companies should give knitter’s discounts, if you ask me.

You know, they should sell yarn at the health food store.

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Kimberly and Rufus
Kimberly and Rufus
14 years ago

This post is hilarious. We've met lots of people through our crocheting while waiting places, too.

Carla Gade
Carla Gade
14 years ago

I love your knitting posts. I'm from the "non-knitting world" and it's fascinating to see the beautiful scarf your working on and hear about your projects.


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