Knit Along: Urban Beats Scarf - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knit Along: Urban Beats Scarf - Day 4

Weird vs. Cool

I’m halfway through the 35-repeat center section. I’ve discovered this scarf is a double-edged sword–or is that a double-pointed needle?–when knitting in public. It’s so distinct that people always stop me to ask me what I’m doing. Knitters invariably say, “whoa, where can I find that pattern?” It really is an eye-catcher of a project.

Knit Along:  Urban Beats Scarf - Day 4 1But there’s a problem, too. That elongated stitch row–the yellow row in the photos–is not the kind of thing you can attempt casually. At least I can’t. And so, if you’re at the doctor’s office of somewhere where you can be interrupted, your pulse rate goes up when you get to that point in the pattern. You cannot stop this one mid-row. Period. Non-knitters just don’t get it when you say, “hang on a sec…I’ve just got to finish this row.” They look at you like you’ve just said, “Go on ahead, I’ve just got to finish this gum and I’ll catch up.” I imagine the flight attendant would not take kindly to my reply of “but I can’t brace for impact right now, I’m in the middle of the elongated stitch row.” Of course, if I’m bracing for impact, I have larger problems than tangled knitting, but you and I both know knitters don’t think in those logical terms. People just plain look at you funny if you imply that you just can’t drop your knitting at that nanosecond. They don’t know the particular torture of pulling out an hour’s worth of work. They don’t understand that the threat of such just takes all the fun out of it for us.

I’ve decided: The cool factor is worth the weird factor. After all, people probably think I’m weird already.

Knit Along:  Urban Beats Scarf - Day 4 2I’m going to take a few days off this next week, so here’s a photo of me in my finished Sampler Scarf (from the Charleston installment) to hold you over. Happy Knitting!

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