Knitted Wire Cuff From Urban Arts + Crafts - Day 1 | Author Allie Pleiter

Knitted Wire Cuff from Urban Arts + Crafts - Day 1

Getting wired...

I have to say, I have a bit of trepidation about this.  Knitting for me is highly tactile.  The creativity is great, but it’s also about how the fiber feels between my fingers.  It’s why I can’t buy yarn over the internet--I have to touch it. It’s why I hardly buy anything but books online--I need to touch something to know if I want to own it.

Knitted Wire Cuff from Urban Arts + Crafts - Day 1 8
There’s no escaping that this is wire.  Cold, shiny (well, yes, there’s some merit to that), sharp metal.  For some reason it really bugs me that I’m keeping this project in a piece of Tupperware rather than in a knitting bag.  I’m hoping that it will be new and exciting, but right now it just feels strange and different.

Knitted Wire Cuff from Urban Arts + Crafts - Day 1 9

I’ve never really been a jewelry person.  I don’t wear necklaces--mostly because they get in the way of my scarves.  I do wear rings--probably because that way I can look at them while I knit.  I’ve worn the same two Pandora and Trollbead bracelets every single day (plus or minus a few new beads) for the past five years.  Maybe it is time I made friends with some new baubles.

Knitted Wire Cuff from Urban Arts + Crafts - Day 1 10

To lure my muse, I unpackaged the beads and let them swirl around together in the container.  There was a time I was really into beads--back before knitting became my thing--and I tried to harken back to the “pretty-shiny” side of my creativity.  I like the colors.  I like the combinations of shapes, sizes and textures--like a kaleidoscope waiting to be constructed.  I just can’t stop my brain from whispering “but it’s not yarn!”

I stand with my materials gathered, ready for adventure.

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