Lace Cowl From Rainbow Yarn & Fibres - Day 1 | Author Allie Pleiter

Lace Cowl from Rainbow Yarn & Fibres - Day 1

Cowl country...

Lace Cowl from Rainbow Yarn & Fibres - Day 1 6
I’ve done some lacy cowls, but it seems to me that the natural fibers for cowls are big, chunky yarns.  Cowls seem to need a bit of substance along with their soft fluffiness, in order not to just hang off your neck.  

And, quite frankly, I associate cowls with cold weather.  Living in Chicago, I consider myself residing smack in the middle of cowl country.  In January, we need all the help to stay warm we can get!

Tahki’s Juno is big and chunky. Its mesh structure—what Tahki calls “chainette,” which looks basicallly like knitting within knitting—makes for loads of loft without stiffness.  And with a composition of mostly alpaca with just a hint of nylon, it’s cloud-soft. Very lovely against the fingers. I chose a light neutral to show off the stitches, but the bright red or purple that it comes in might work just as well.

Lace Cowl from Rainbow Yarn & Fibres - Day 1 7
This feels like it will knit up quick—which is my primary requirement for gift knitting.  This has Christmas present written all over it.

…Unless you live in the far southern states.  Then, it might border on too cozy.  Still, it’s so pretty, and has just enough lacy quality, that your intended recipient might not mind.

We’ll have to see as we get farther along.  With only one repeat of the pattern done, it’s way too early to tell.
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