Lace Cowl From Rainbow Yarn & Fibres - Day 2 | Author Allie Pleiter

Lace Cowl from Rainbow Yarn & Fibres - Day 2

Holy yarn-overs, Batman!

Lace Cowl from Rainbow Yarn & Fibres - Day 2 6
Nice big needles always make for gratifyingly speedy knitting.  Some days you just need to see results, you know?  At a time when other things in my life are inching along—and that’s not a bad thing, I get that—it is nice to see this cowl taking quick shape under my fingers.

I find it interesting that I chose a beige yarn.  Lots of times I choose bright jewel tones, because I feel those match my cool coloring.  Only lately I’ve been working my way through Carol Tuttle’s Dressing Your Truth videos and my personality is definitely coming through as a  Type 3 (Rich  Dynamic), which features warm colors.  Me? Warm undertones? Really? Maybe it's an age thing.  I thought I’d sail through the process with some nice clear guidelines, but I’m only getting more and more confused as I go along.  Have any of you been through this “Beauty Profiling” course? I suppose it shouldn't surprise any of you that I seem to defy classification...

Lace Cowl from Rainbow Yarn & Fibres - Day 2 7
Ahem.  Back to knitting.  One thing to watch on this pattern—yarn-overing into a purl.  It’s a tricky business, because there’s an extra half-round involved in getting the yarn to where it needs to be.  If you don’t keep an eye on the tension, you’re going to get a much larger hole on one side of the stitch repeat than on the other.  

Watch your tension: a good rule for life and for knitting.
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