Lace Cowl From Rainbow Yarn & Fibres - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Lace Cowl from Rainbow Yarn & Fibres - Day 3

Choosing sides...

Who is to say which side is wrong?

Lace Cowl from Rainbow Yarn & Fibres - Day 3 6
I keep looking at this cowl, at a loss to say which side I prefer.  The “inside” has a clever, rib-like feel to it while the “outside” has all that lacy goodness going on.  Isn’t that the mark of a truly clever cowl design—that it looks good no matter how you wear it?

Lace Cowl from Rainbow Yarn & Fibres - Day 3 7
People feel compelled to touch it when I’m knitting in public.  Maybe it’s the latte-foam softness of the color, or just the plush nature of the yarn. I keep thinking I’d want one in a brilliant blue or red, too. Who wouldn't want half a dozen of these to choose from during a bleak Chicago winter?

Half-way through the project, completion feels wonderfully possible. Stress-free, even.  How lovely is that?
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