Lace Cowl From Rainbow Yarn & Fibres - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Lace Cowl from Rainbow Yarn & Fibres - Day 4

Sheep on the ball…

Lace Cowl from Rainbow Yarn & Fibres - Day 4 12
With a two-ball project, there’s never any question when you reach half way.  The yarn balls do the counting for you.  Now I feel as if I’ve rounded the summit and heading back downhill toward the finish line.  And, most delightfully, the rows DON’T GET LONGER as I go!

Lace Cowl from Rainbow Yarn & Fibres - Day 4 13
What does happen, however, is that the thing seems to get softer.  The fiber has a wonderful, pillowy feel to it, and my hands can sense the lanolin still in the wool. It even looks sheep-colored.

Lace Cowl from Rainbow Yarn & Fibres - Day 4 14
Speaking of sheep, current culture seems to have a pair of them this week.  Nick Park fan that I am from the Wallace and Gromit Days, I will definitely go see the Shaun the Sheep Movie. Park is executive producer for this nearly dialogue-free movie. Park has a long history with stitchcraft: Gromit knits, and no knitter’s movie collection is ever complete without a copy of Chicken Run and its knitting hens.

Lace Cowl from Rainbow Yarn & Fibres - Day 4 15
Then there is this fellow.  Hiding in a cave to escape a hair cut?  Who knows, but my internet feed reported Australian rogue sheep “Chris” (Chris? Really?) was being given an emergency shearing earier this week.  The 88 pounds of wool shorn by a 5-man rescue team is being touted as both a world record and “lifesaving” for poor Chris.  I don’t imagine that fleece is any good after so much time in the wild—clearly none of the reporting newscasters I saw are knitters, or they’d have asked the question right away.  Speedy recovery, Chris.  Hope you’re not too chilly now down under.

Me?  I’ll just keep on going with my small, soft ball of yarn and my lace cowl.  The bind off won’t be long now…

Lace Cowl from Rainbow Yarn & Fibres - Day 4 16
As long as we’re on the subject of sheep, here’s a shot of me giving away my knitting novel The Doctor’s Undoing with the nice folks from Esther’s Place—more sheep—at Stitches Midwest.  My novella Bluegrass Easter featured a charming story taken directly from their flock, and we’ve been fiber friends ever since.
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