Lady Fern Scarf From Hill Country Weavers - Day 1 | Author Allie Pleiter

Lady Fern Scarf from Hill Country Weavers - Day 1

Linen Lace...

Lady Fern Scarf from Hill Country Weavers - Day 1 6
I haven’t knit with linen before, and there’s a reason.  I’m not a big fan of the way it feels between my fingers.  Linen feels scratchy before you wash and block it.  Afterwards, it feels light and airy with a really nice texture and sheen—but we’re not there yet.  My tendency toward immediate gratification is working against me here.  Still Shibui has a great rebutation as a quality fiber, so I think I can rest assured I'll be happy with the results.

Lady Fern Scarf from Hill Country Weavers - Day 1 7
The trellis pattern—the stitches that make up the majority of this scarf—is an easy four-row repeat that I memorized by the second round.  That will make for excellent book fair knitting as I sit and meet readers at the Kentucky Book Fair this weekend.  Having the scarf casted on to nice, short needles will help as well.  It might not be as marvelously portable once the thing is many feet long, but right now this is mighty handy knitting.

The fact that this is a kit keeps the color choices pre-loaded for success, and I must admit I like knowing my hues are professionally selected.  I’d find a way to mess this up left to my own devices.

The next set of directions are splendidly easy:  repeat until you run out of color A.  That, I can handle!
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